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How to Promote Blog For Free | Complete Guide to Beginner

How to Promote Blog For Free| How to get free traffic on the blogger


Why need to Promote a blog? How we can promote a blog? These questions are most people's minds.

But they mostly focus on the writing content but according to Joseph Jaffe we ​​should be most focused on the promotion a blog like an example if we write a post in 60 minutes so we should be more then 4 hours are spending on the promotion your blog it's a very important thing if you are a beginner. Because of beginner has no audience if you to Increasing audience so you must need the promote your blog

Don't worry we will increasing your audience

Today we will discuss the How to Promote Blog For Free Without any cost so if you are a beginner so read up the article at the end


In today Lot of option is available for promotion of our blog so I will tell you the best free cost promoting place where you can promote  your blog without any cost 

You Can Grow your Audience

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  1. Why Need to Promote
  2. How to Promote
  3. The top way to Promote
  4. How to Get More Traffic
  5. Tips For Promoting

The Top way to Promote Your Blog

  • Facebook Page
  • Join Facebook Group
  • Twitter
  • RSS Feed
  • Linkedin              
  • Email
  • Instagram
  • What's app Group
  • Telegram Group
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Youtube
  • Join Blogging Community

Why You Need Parmote:-Because of promotion, we can get more views and increasing traffic. if unknown people if don't about the blog then they can know blog and increasing your audience. Promoting is the most importing part of for blogger if you are Beginner so must need promoting your blogger because of in staring of blogger no one knows about your blogger so for introducing your blogger you must be promoting your blog

How to Promote:- Nowadays there are a lot of options are available for Promoting Your Blog. First, we could promote the blog with the money but nowadays a lot of free promoting options are avialble. we can get a lot of traffic o our blog but there is a need to spend the time for promoting the blog. if you have a team member so you can make a permanent promoting member so you can get more and more traffic on your blog.

I will tell you How to Promote the Blog- All the lists are mention below. I will tell you Legend's way of promoting your blog with you at any cost. But there are you need hard work to Promote your blog. I am already told you if you are a blogger you need the 90% time spending the time on promoting your blog and 10% of the time of the day writing the post

Spending 90% of time of your time Promoting blog you wrote during  the other 10% of your day
If you are a beginner so don't waste the money for promoting your blog if are sue blogger so buy a Domaine name. if you don't know How to Buy Domaine Name so Can Click here or Contact me. I will tell you about Domaine Name.

Top Way to Promoting Blog


#1Facebook Page:- Facebook is the best platform to get more traffic. If you are a beginner so must make your page on Facebook. Make your own Community. Also, make add the link of Facebook on your blogger this thing makes to easily follow your page by your fans. 

If you do this thing you can get more traffic on your blog and you can make the large Community for more traffic. this community is permanent without any paying cost. you can create the large no. of  Audience poll but it's only on deepened on your blogger Content if you have good and unique content then you get more and more visits per day

So if your beginner you must be made Facebook page. Facebook Page must be made on your blog name. It makes it easy to find your Facebook page and if have make in a different name then its impact on your can lose your audience and loss your viewers.

#2Facebook Group:- If you are a beginner and you don't have any Facebook page so find the blogger group according to your blogger. if have a technology group so join the technology group. if you need any help according to the Facebook page so can Contact me. I will help you.

If you want to join the My Facebook Groupe so you can Join Our Groupe Click Here.I always post the post about the Blogging tips so can join us if want to know more tips for blogging. so you can Click here.

If you join the different Groupe so you can get more traffic so please join the maximum group n Facebook. You can get more visitors from the Facebook page. posting your articles in the other comment section and your competitor comment section in the same articles then you can get the more views and visitor on your blog

#3Twitter:- Twitter is the best platform to get more new visitors. using #hastag trending and share with your audience then you can more visitors. if you are making the article there is a chance to get the more and more view from your twitter.

Make Twitter Account o your blog name because of its makes the less difficult to find to the visitors. If you have a twitter account then you can get an idea of Keywords and get more views. In twitter always lookout hashtags trending and write your article and posting on your account with hashtags

Link your Twitter account with your blog if you don't know to link the social media accounts to bigger so Click here and know How to Link the social media account to the blogger and also you can contact us we will defiantly help you

Can be made famous any article by the click of the sharing buttons on the social media.

#4RSS Feed:- RSS Feed Means that Real Simple Syndications.its enable millions of internet users to keep track of different websites in real-time. RSS feed is the best platform to get a visit to your website. You know how? oh, you don't know don't worry I will tell you.

RSS Feed is the platform where people subscribe to the blogger get the good best articles People are always subscribing to the. if no one you have subscribed on your RSS feed so one can see your articles only subscriber user can see your articles

People are subscribed to those people who post unique always write the unique and informational article on your if want to get more and more visitors so always post the unique and dependable article on your blogger

#5Linkdin Linkedin is a good platform to forget visitors on this platform first you need to make your account on Linkedin with the name of the blogger name and make your conditions also increasing your audience on Linkedin if you post any articles then also share the link om the Linkedin account.

If you are shearing your account to the Linkedin account then you can get more visitors. You get visitors according to your connections. if have a lot of connection then you can more visitor per post and You can popular on social media.

If you are a new user so you can follow the popular people who are a blogger and popular on social media so you can also follow him/her and get more visitor on your social media 

#6Emails:- You can promote your blogger through the emails add. this is one of the best places where you can get more and more traffic so always build up your email address. Always save the emails of your audience so whenever your posting articles then you can share the post by the email

Build up your email adders. if want to get more and more email address I can tell you how to get emails address  so if want to this article so comment on the comment section I will definitely tell you how to get  lot emails address


If you have sent the articles to all mails then 50% of people don't see your email. 20% people will not see properly  but 30% people will definitely see the whole article and 5% people will also commenting on your article so build up the emails list and if don't have any emails so you can put a comment on the comment section then will write an article in short time

You only have to do a few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.” – Warren Buffett

#7Instagram:- If we talk about Instagram. Instagram is one of the most using social apps nowadays. you can get millions of visitors from Instagram. but where you need to gain followers. you can also follow other people. Poat the articles every day and using #hasgtag as according to your articles. 

Instagram is one of the most popular apps where millions of people are active every minute also make the account on the Instagram and pasting your articles and drop the link on your bio posting any picture and articles on the account if you posting a post every day then you can improving your audience on the Instagram and also get more visitor from the Instagram


Make your account with blog name always put the website link on the bio and also put about your blog on the bio section of Instagram account its also help to improve your website and gain more visitor and followers on Instagram 

#8Whats Group:- Yes, We Can also get the Visitor from the WhatsApp group if you are beginner share your blog on your what's app group. I Know that your whats app has a lot of groups. You don't know really oh ok. I am telling you collage group, family group, school groups, chaddi Badi group all those like group names on your whats group so share on all the groups.


You can also update on the what's app store you can also get more visitors from the whats app story or status. and you can also share the separately on all the contact list. So if you don't have any groups also make and share on the groups

you can also add the share button on your blog. If the viewer likes your article and He/She wants to share your story so he can easily share your story on what's app.
so always use some these tips for growing your audience

#9Telegram Group;- Telegram is one of the best social media apps as compared to Whatsapp. In the telegram, we can make the 200,000 members in Single group. this best place as compared to the Whatsapp. You can share your Group link to anywhere without any number. 

You can also save the id of the user and make the group and share your articles with the members and also can pin the post on the group so you can get the more visitors from the Telegram Groups. You can also use the Auto reply bot on the Telegram so that's why this the best place for making the groups


If you are a beginner so first join any group and saved the user id and then you can make the group and get more visitors from the Telegram groups. In staring its takes the time. if your content is strong then automatically people will attract on your blog
Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it - Henry David Thoreau 
#10Pinterest;- Pinterest is the best platform for promoting your blogger. some people don't know about Pinterest don't very I am telling you. Pinterest is the social plat platform where you can pin the picture and also you can share the text with a picture.

You can also earn from Pinterest after making your audience and you can sell your pictures. you can get double earning from the Pinterest. first of all, make your audience on Pinterest then you can more visitors free of can also link to your blog then if the viewer is fan definitely he will follow you.


There are a lot of social media platform but it's very different social media platform where you can promote your blogger and get more visitor without any cost so I want to say again most your most of time spending for promoting the blogger then you can more and more visitors without any cost 

#11Quera:- First of I want to tell you what is Quora app is Q&A platform EMPOWER People to share and grow world knowledge. Peoples come to Quora to ask any question about any subject, read high-quality knowledge that's personalized relevant to them, and share their own knowledge with others.


You can also be promoting your articles to query see all posts and share your articles. Give equations and answers to the people when they asked in any paste. You can also make your audience post your content on your account if your content is Rich and Unique so then people will follow you and then your audience will grow app also you will get more visitors on your blog. You can also attach the blogger link to the Quora  and this best platform where you can get high traffic on your blogger

#12Youtube:-If you are a blogger so can make your own youtube account and can share your experience to your abundance and you can be promoting your blogger with people you can get the lot of visitor from the youtube also try to make the account to the blogger.If you don't have a youtube account so I tell you how can you promoting bloggers on youtube.

First of all, find a youtube account who posts a video as the same topic to your blog then contact him and convince him about promoting your blog. mostly people don't say no for promoting your blog you can get traffic from youtube.

You can also to paid to the promoter for promoting your blog than or you  also sharing of his/her video on your blog there are need to some kind convince you to make the link to get more views from the youtube
Sucess is not final;failure is not fatal;it is the courage to continue that counts - Winston Churchill
#13Join Blogger Community:- Blogger Community is the best platform where you can promote your blog as well as make your audiance and also solving the problems.i will tell you how. f you are a ginner so then you should join the blogger community because of that's the platform for solving the problem as well as promoting the blogger

Give the answers to questions when asking the audiance if your content is unique so then definitely the audiance will attracting and follow your blog channels and then you can improve your views on the bloggers. you can also earn from the Blogger Community by Google ads so then you can make your audience as well on the blogging community

If you don't how to make Account on the blogger community so I can help you how to make an account on the blogger Community click here. Reddet.cpm is the American Social News website where you can share your content, Image, and also promoting the channel and grow up your audiance. we can also earn from the by advertising. if you want to promote the blogger on so first make your account on the then you can promote your blogger and anything on the

You can get best CPC through because of this website has mostly American people so can earn in high amount so make the account on and promoting your blog on the

#15Backlink This is one of the best sources for getting traffic and promoting our blog and also you can increase the organic views and increasing your DA and PA of your blog. There are you don't need an account but need some google chrome extension for contact to other high authority blogger and then you can easy promoting by the other website


If you don't how to make backlink so you don't worry Click on the link and know about the about backlink with full details.this is the best source for promoting and gain visitors on your blogs. this will also grow your domain score and also helping to the ranking of the article in a short time.

Content is king but engagment is Queen,and the lady rules the house Mari Samith

How to Get Free Traffic:- Everyone can get free traffic without any social media there no need for any social media accounts. not need to follow to other there are only just need to find Question according to blog channels and giving the answers and get free organic visitors from the Question hub if don't know about the Question Hub click here get more details


I am personally used this to get more visitors just follow the rules and make your audiance agree without any cost. see on the picture this my new account and I am sharing some questions and get a lot of visitors per month or day so if you want to use to so read these articles for details 

Tips For blogger Post

  • Always write the Unique and Rish content
  • Don't use the Copyright Image. you can use the image after editing.
  • Use the image and video while writing your content
  • Use the Grammarly Chrom Extension for correct the word of your article
  • Use Word counter for counting the word of your article
  • Your Title should be in 58 words with 512 Pixels
  • your metatag should be in 58 words with 920 pixels
  • Your URL is should be in 75 words
  • Use low competition keyword if you are an always use keywords tools 
  • Write the Informational articles in your opinions


If you build may still need Google AdWords. Jennifire Mesenbrink


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